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  • wood blocks 19.03.2018 International

    Open Source Compliance

    Open source compliance failures can pose a serious threat to affected companies. Here is an overview. After the first open source license was enforced...

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  • Energy image 13.03.2018 International

    Oil & Gas: JOAs, budget overruns and operator pension...

    In Marathon Oil UK LLC v Centrica Resources Limited, TAQA Bratani Limited and TAQA Bratani LNS Limited [2018] EWHC 322 (Comm), the Commercial Court considered...

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  • Prawn dish 01.03.2018 International

    The Future of Food

    Innovation in food is not only constant but it is definitive and once you move to the next stage there is no going back. At CMS’s annual technology conference,...

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  • oiltank night 22.02.2018 UK, Middle East

    Oil & Gas Consultancy Agreements: Giving effect to...

    In Monde Petroleum SA v Westernzagros Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 25, the Court of Appeal has provided guidance as to what the words “fully operational and enforceable”...

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Recent Publications

  • ma study 2018 22.03.2018

    CMS European M&A Study 2018

    The CMS European M&A Study 2018 provides insight into the legal provisions of merger & acquisition (M&A) agreements, makes comparisons across Europe and...

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  • car sunlight 09.03.2018

    CMS Guide to Electric Vehicles

    Interest in EVs has waxed and waned over the years, but the last ten years have seen a momentous surge in the market, which appears set to transform the...

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  • Interview image 20.02.2018

    Asia CMS Guide to Dismissals

    In the world of the total globalization, there are still considerable differences in the labour laws of individual countries, caused by their different...

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  • Fibre optic cables 07.02.2018

    Network sharing 3.0

    CMS is delighted to be presenting this third edition of its study on the sharing of telecommunication networks in the EU and selected territories around...

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